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About OHS Assist

OHS Assist is an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) designed in accordance with the ISO 45001: 2018 Standard. The System has been designed with a mobile first approach (Mobile App) in order to provide a more accessible health and safety tool with the technology available today. The OHS Assist App uses the ISO standards PDCA  (Plan-Do-Check-Act) concept as the approach to managing occupational health and safety within an organisation. 

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The high level goals of OHS Assist:

1. Improve Occupational Health & Safety

2. Eliminate Hazards & Minimize OHS Risks

3. Take advantage of Occupational Health & Safety Opportunities

OHS Assist takes an employee-first approach to managing OHS. Through focusing on each and every employee within your organisation, including contractors, sub-contractors, agents, service providers and other parties involved in your daily activities, the OHS Assist App provides a compliance overview and allows for proactive prioritization in areas of challenge and where deviations are identified. 


With the extensive use and availability of smart phones and tablets within organisations, providing a SHEQ tool at the touch of a screen makes managing health and safety simple and accessible.

OHS Assist combines a mobile application available on the App Store & Play Store with an online web dashboard. The mobile application is end-user focused while the web dashboard has been designed to provide management with an interactive overview and task/ workflow management system.

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