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Inspections & Checklists

Property, Plant & Equipment


Compliance Inspections on Vehicles, Machinery & Equipment. 

Daily Safety Task Instructions


We are continuously working on adding effective DSTI templates for a variety of job types. 

Personal Protective Equipment


PPE Issue & Training as well as supervisor inspections.

Fire Fighting Equipment


A variety of inspection Templates for the monitoring of Fire Fighting Equipment.

First Aid Equipment


Inspection Templates for First Aid Boxes and other emergency response equipment.

Toolbox Talks


Toolbox Talks provide an effective method for continuous training and awareness.

Internal & External Audits


Regular Audits provide the insight needed to measure OHS performance and highlight areas needing improvement.

Our team of Health & Safety Experts are tirelessly working together with our development team to create OHS Inspections, Registers & Checklists that can be used in a proactive approach to Safety Management.


The OHS Assist Mobile Application provides the perfect tool for carrying out inspections by incorporating forms which are pre-populated with user, site, company and other relevant information in order to make inspections accurate and convenient.

With Features Including:

In Form Photographs


Mandatory Fields

Pre-populated Fields

Digital Signatures

Assistance Tips (Tool Tips)

We have two types of forms:

1. Community Forms

2. Custom Forms

Community Forms

Community forms consist of generic templates for a wide variety of Inspections, Registers & Checklists that suit common criteria in the OHS compliance requirement. We are continuously adding more templates and working on making existing ones as relevant and accurate as possible.

Custom Forms


We understand that in order to maintain the highest standard of Health and Safety within your organisation, generic forms are not always sufficient. Our premium clients can request that specific Templates be designed and made available to them on the OHS Assist Mobile Application. See Pricing Plans for more information on the our Account Types.

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