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Medical & Competency Monitoring

Monitoring of both Occupational Medical Fitness and Competency validity can be a real challenge in large organisations. The OHS Assist Application manages this for you with ease. 

With the employee first approach, each employee's compliance profile includes the validity of their medical fitness and required competency certification to carry out their activities at work.


Medical Fitness

Medical Fitness certificates are uploaded to each employees profile including any restrictions, chronic medication and of course expiration. Filtered lists of medical certificates per site or geographic location provide a summary of compliance and non-compliance. Notifications can be setup to inform supervisors of upcoming expiry dates.

Competency Certification

Competency both accredited and in-house is uploaded for each employee highlighting their areas of training and experience. Expiry and renewal dates can be set and monitored by supervisors and management, ensuring every employee is always has a compliant competency status.

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